BLOG: We Had a Sweet 2016!

The .gop domain had a fantastic 2016! Take a look at some of the highlights and get ready for an even better 2017.

Make America Great Again

There is no other way to begin than by recalling the biggest site of the year! The website was a leading digital tool launched by the RNC to educate and register Republican voters. The website reached peak viral success when President Elect Trump tweeted about it during the final days of the election.

RNC Leadership

We could not have succeeded without the continued support of Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer at the RNC. Communication strategy backed up with websites like,,, and all had significant impact on the 2016 election.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s A Better Way Agenda

Next on the list was the relentless effort by Speaker Paul Ryan to communicate the Better Way policy agenda put forward by House Republicans at The Speaker and House GOP used this website to explain a Republican plan to fix the biggest issues Americans are facing today.

State Party Renaissance

Over 20 state parties made the switch to .gop domains for their primary websites :,,,,,,,,,,, and all launched last year! We look forward to expanding the Republican footprint online with numerous other states in 2017.

GOP Youth Movement

Millennial Republicans made great strides in improving the future of our Party in 2016.

The Young Republicans stood out in 2016 by making the home of its brand-new website! Many of its state chapter followed the lead including,,

Not to be outdone, the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) along with the RSLC and Kristen Soltis Anderson created an extensive new polling project aimed at Millennial preferences called “Growing up GOP”. The full results were published at and provide a blueprint for how Republicans can communicate ideas to young voters. The CRNC also used an innovative online voter engagement tool designed to allow voters to score the GOP primary debates and used to sign up users.

Republicans won back the White House in 2016 and .gop was an integral part of that effort. We’re proud of these achievements and look forward to more successes in 2017!

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