Using .gop for E-mail Addresses

Most people think of domains as websites or blogs but in fact all email addresses are also rooted in domain names. In today’s world, there are few things that are used on a daily basis more than e-mail addresses as unique identifiers. They’re the things people remember you by when communicating. Also, when meeting someone new, it’s the thing he or she remembers about you to stay in touch.

Instead of just using one of the generic options like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, why not use a branded email account to tell the world you are part of the Republican Party? Plus, most of the short, good names are taken in the services mentioned above, with .gop you could get [email protected] for example! See below for the quick and easy way to get yourself set up.

How it works:

  1. Buy the domain of your choice at (maybe,,
  2. Choose an email service to host your account like Google ($5/month), Microsoft ($5/month) or Zoho (free)
  3. Follow the set-up instructions with your chosen provider
  4. Link it through your account and you are good to go!
  5. Enjoy sending emails from your branded GOP email account – an address that says something about you!

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