JANUARY 9, 2015

Washington DC – Today the .gop domain registry launched a 2016 presidential digital straw poll and did so on a .gop domain. Taking advantage of the vast new Internet real estate made possible by owning its own domain, the site is simple to remember and will serve as a hub of activity all the way through November 2016.

Former RNC digital director under President Bush and .gop board member Cyrus Krohn announced, “With the most successful election in recent memory in the books, we are already looking forward to the next one. On that forward-looking note, it only makes sense that our 2016 primary will happen on the latest and greatest piece of the GOP digital puzzle – the .gop domain! Nothing is easier to remember as a one-stop shop for all things 2016 than”

Still available for purchase,, and many others related to the upcoming presidential election.

Visit to vote today and stay tuned to the site for ongoing updates!

The site is built on the .gop domain and serves as an example for the type of online organizing that takes place on the preferred domain for all Republicans on the web – .gop.

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