The Top 10 Stories in GOP Digital in 2014

Republican successes were well-documented this past year; dozens of stories highlighted improved campaign tactics across the country.  But since .gop is the Republican Party’s domain, the stories about digital efforts struck close to home and that’s why we’re proud to present:

Top 10 in 2014


10) Digital is front and center in one of the biggest surprises on election night! (POLITICO 11/9/14)


9) Who can forget Dave Jolley’s data-driven win in Florida? (Washington Examiner 3/13/14)


8) The most productive two years for technology in GOP history. (Mashable 10/16/14)


7) GOP becomes first political party in history to launch its own domain. Jim Messina says he’s ‘pissed’ Democrats missed their chance to do the same! (Wall Street Journal 4/23/14)


6) How they used digital to make Mitch McConnell cool en route a Mitchority! (Bloomberg 10/22/14)


5) The nut has been cracked, the armor pierced, the gap closed. GOP wins big! (National Journal 11/5/14)


4) All 5 committees team up for digital voter registration! (The Hill 7/24/14)


3) GOP Data Firms stand shoulder to shoulder! (AdAge 8/29/14)


2) No rest en route 2016 – The “Secret Tech Summit.” (POLITICO 12/8/14)


1) US Senate turns R.E.D.D. using the “Jack Bauer” rule. (Yahoo News 11/12/14)



Congrats to all who were part of such a successful election. Onward and Upward!

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