.gop Launches

Washington, D.C. (December 11, 2014) – Today the ‘.gop’ domain registry launched This is a multi-faceted effort for Republicans to learn about the many benefits of using the new domain to brand their online identities and to keep up with what’s happening on the domain. This announcement comes after the development of several key tools made available to Republican voters and candidates on .gop, which were active in the incredibly successful 2014 cycle.

The site, features, a Republican-branded link shortener,, a bilingual voter registration website which is a collaboration between all five major committees in Washington D.C. (RNC, NRSC, RGA, NRCC, RSLC) and, a donation platform that reinvests its proceeds into the Republican Party. These tools show cooperation that is unmatched by the Democrats and have revolutionized the online political landscape.

The site showcases a few examples of the types of uses currently seen on the domain. Some of the spotlight sites include Senator Ted Cruz, The College Republican National Committee (CRNC), Texas Young Republicans and the Missouri Republican Party. Bolstered by recent studies confirming that search ranking can be enhanced by using new domains, .gop is excited to welcome other candidates, groups and bloggers who are looking to better promote their messages and to further unite the Republican Party online.

Visit today to learn more.

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