BLOG: Our new site!

2014 was a banner year for the GOP in the midterm elections but it was also a breakthrough year for GOP digital. The Party closed the digital gap thanks in part to tools like, and alongside the efforts of super talented consultants and committees across the country.

We launched the .gop domain in July as part of a larger change coming to the Internet over the course of this year. Google and Amazon are heavily invested into new domain names with Amazon recently paying $4.6 million to run the domain .buy. Thousands of .gop domains have been registered to campaigns, state parties, clubs and individuals. The most original example we’ve seen is two Capitol Hill staffers that built their wedding website on .gop!

We look forward to sharing stories with you about product launches, .gop uses and anything else on our minds. In the meantime, head over to to get your own .gop!

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