Is .GOP Getting Hijacked by the Left?

For a long while, a handful of generic top-level domain names were the only game in town — .org, .net, .com, to name a few — but this year that changed with the addition of more than 1,000 new cyber suffixes. One of those suffixes, .gop, was snatched up by the Republican State Leadership Committee(RLSC) and went live Tuesday. Predictably, a segment of the Internet responded with crude jokes.

“We’re not focused on fringe Twitter activity,” marketing vice president Will Martinez told TheBlaze. “We’re focused on getting the people that are actually gonna use these set up, from people who want branded email accounts all the way up to presidential candidates.”

Martinez noted that one such potential candidate, Ted Cruz, has already gotten a .gop site up and running:

“RSLC applied to run .gop on behalf of conservatives, Republicans, the whole spectrum,” Martinez said, explaining that the goal is to provide “an open platform” for discussion and help bring like-minded people together online.

They’re getting a few party-affiliated sites, including for voter registration and for fundraising, up and running.

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