JULY 8, 2014

Washington DC - This week, for the first time in history, a political party runs its own domain on the Internet. Effective immediately, candidates, elected officials, bloggers, volunteers, activists, companies and media organizations can register domains ending in .gop at  The standard price for domains is $20.16 to show our alignment towards winning the White House in 2016. The website is fully functioning in English and Spanish and strikes an open and inclusive tone consistent with the core values of the .gop domain – the Republican neighborhood online.

“The .gop domain gives Republicans a strategic advantage online and unites the Party through an online community spanning the full spectrum of influence and ideology. This is an open space already full of new ideas and innovation, which we will be highlighting in the coming weeks. There is an incredible amount of energy focused on expanding digital tools within the Republican Party and .gop is a great snapshot of this momentum” said Will Martinez, VP Sales and Marketing for .gop.

Earlier this year, President Obama's 2012 campaign manager said he was "pissed that the GOP got theirs and we didn't get ours. It's just another thing in the toolbox to use to reach out to folks," Messina said. This new domain, .gop, helps the Party to better organize online and connects the grassroots to the elected leaders. Any individual, whether beginning a blog, advocating for conservative ideas, running for office or simply wanting a branded email address, it’s time for .gop and it starts RIGHT here!

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